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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Urban Landscape Day 5

Off to a slow start. This is day 5 of the drawing challenge and this is drawing number 3 but really the first of the series I intend to do for this challenge. Yesterday I went on a photo shoot around my new home town of Nashua, N.H. I came back with over 150 photos. This is a city of mills, churches and highways with a lovely river - the Nashua - running through it all. For the rest of the month I HOPE to do a drawing from this series most days. I've already missed some days so I'll do two on days that I can. This first piece is titled "Urban Landscape". A lot of the surrounding area looks like this. I love to draw the lines created by the telephone wires and poles. So I find beauty even along the highway.

I'll be posting this blog to Facebook as will many friends who are also participating in the drawing challenge. Here are the names of some of them - you can find their contributions by going to their facebook page. If you're not already friends with them I'm sure they'd be happy to add you. So check out the pages for Caren-Marie Michel, Nita Casey, Helene Levasseur and find some very interesting drawings.

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